Thursday, 6 December 2012

Paradox Interactive are taking subterranean mining to soaring new heights with new downloadable content for A Game of Dwarves.

Now available for download for £3.99, the new content pack, entitled "Star Dwarves", enables the game’s miners to spruce up their mines with all the trappings of deep space, adding a wealth of new sci-fi furnishings and tools to their lairs.

Star Dwarves adds new props, new enemy's, and new dwarves to A Game of Dwarves, from sci-fi-inspired generators, holographic statues, and spiffy captain’s chairs to untold horrors like the Beardprober – a monster who studies beards in the worst way imaginable.

Thankfully, the dwarves can combat these invaders with new military classes, including the rifle-toting Redshirt, and the Knight, a melee fighter who relies on training he acquired a long time ago in some place far, far away.

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